Mason & Associates (M&A)

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Mason & Associates (M&A) is a full-service digital, multi-award winning advertising agency based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2004, we are one of Australia’s oldest and more established advertising agencies specialising in the digital space. We are dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for our clients. M&A works independently and provides strategic insight into client’s companies. We also handle overall marketing and branding strategies. Our clients include businesses and corporations, non-profit organisations and government agencies. We work locally in Australia but have collaborated with overseas clients and third parties as well. Our agency is involved in planning, creating, producing advertising, performing research and selecting media. We also provide non-advertising related services including strategic market planning, direct market promotion programs, interactive marketing and web site design, and public relations. Mason & Associates offers a mix of web design / web development, search engine marketing, internet advertising/marketing, or e-business/e-commerce consulting. We provide specialised advertising and marketing services for the digital space.

For more information contact James Mason:

Level 17, The Ark, Coca-Cola Place,
40 Mount Street, North Sydney,
Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia
Australia: (02) 8960-2997
International: +61 (02) 8960-2997