Commonwealth Bank

Redefining the future of retail banking


CBA has been the Australian leader in retail banking for over 30 years

In recent years, demand for automated services has become so high, that the ATM has become the main point of interaction between customers and the brand.

They go the ATM for their transaction leaving without the one-to-one customer service.


Reward customers by transforming the money-transaction process.

The ATM experience is more intuitive, engaging and useful. It provide an easy-to-use interface that supports numerous languages with real time data feeds with latest offers and important information.


Fast, simple, easy-to-use and intuitive. By transforming the money-transaction process customers were more engaged with the brand.

Millions use the interface daily. The new CBA ATM invigorates the way retail transactions are done, redefining the future of retail banking.

CommBank evolves with new TVC and ATMs that 'listen' to customer

CommBank launches new visual identity