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What We Do

Mason & Associates' creative, planning, and production teams partner to develop integrated marketing campaigns that are digital-first but channel agnostic. We have developed significant numbers of business-building and award-winning initiatives spanning broadcast, print, out-of-home, display, mobile, search, social, and experiential media. Our goal is to achieve defined business objectives while enhancing the brand and meeting user needs.

We approach campaign creation from a user-centric point of view. We begin with an experience brief, which defines how the target audience navigates solving their problems through the entire customer journey, and the appropriate channels that are effective in reaching the audience and meeting user expectations. Creating this journey entails a rigorous analysis of how the consumer moves through the purchase process, and this anchor becomes the perspective through which the marketing solution—which can span paid, owned, and earned media—is created. The journey allows creative solutions to integrate seamlessly with the broader brand experience, allowing utility and storytelling to intersect cohesively. The end result is a campaign that is highly orchestrated to deliver maximum relevance and value to the end user, while minimising inefficiency and waste for the client.


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